Psychomotor learning is to mobilize the body in a way to allow the establishment of psychic processes. The goals are a physical well-being and an adaptation of the subject to his environment.
It is addressed to:

  • Young children (psychomotor delays, parent-child link disorder, hypo / hypertonia, etc.)
  • Adolescents (learning disorder, dyspraxia, anorexia, concentration disorder, graphic difficulties, anxiety, hyperactivity, etc.)
  • Adults and seniors (self-confidence, fear of falling, dementia, spatio-temporal orientation, stroke, etc …)

A report is necessary in order to benefit from a treatment.

The acts supported by the CNS :

  • Review and assessment
  • Psychomotor rehabilitation of 30 minutes
  • 60-minute psychomotor rehabilitation
  • Psychomotor relaxation

The psychomotror methods:

  • Manual activities (painting, modeling, puzzles, …)
  • Exercises of bodily expression (theater, symbolic games, dance, …)
  • Body sensations (movement, bodywrap, massage, tactile stimulation, …)

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